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Have you ever asked yourself: do I really have everything we need? Have I forgotten anything? Rhetoric question, of course. We all have asked this question at some point in our lives, probably every time we are off to travel the world (or the neighborhood). For all those among us whose mind is flipping, we have created the ultimate Mom and Dad travel packing list. It contains all the essentials plus some really helpful tools for everyday life. And we tried to keep it simple. Since everything we need does not equal everything that can fit into our suitcase. My Tip: Stay as Minimalist as You Can! It helps a lot to simply choose a medium, not a large backpack or…More
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Never again forget important travel gadgets and electronic travel gear All you need for your mobile office in the sun Photography and videography travel gadgets anyone can handle to make great footage For world travelers, digital nomads and families traveling with kids Last update: September 2018 Disclosure: Some or all links on this page…More
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Have you ever been to the Whitsunday Islands off the north coast of Queensland, Australia? Have you seen pictures of glorious Whitehaven Beach on the net and dreamed you could be there? Think of pristine beaches, glistening white sand and crystal blue water? I know I have. The Whitsunday Islands are known all over the world to be an extraordinarily beautiful…



I write this as someone whose entire life - from childhood, though adolescence and into adulthood - has been enhanced by stories of all kinds. I love the way stories allow us to leave our world behind and dive into other people’s lives, explore the dark depths of the human soul, and see things from different perspectives. Logan P. Smith hit the nail on the head when he said:  “People say that life’s the thing, but I prefer reading.”   I read all kinds of books, from novels to biographies, from the classics to thrillers (anything, in fact, except fantasy and "women’s literature" - eurgh). It makes me deliriously happy to have an evening alone, cuddled up on the couch with a glass of wine,…More
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Three weeks to go. And my fear of traveling is slowly growing. The big day is coming closer. All of a sudden, it's less than a month until we are supposed to leave our cozy home, the beloved couch, the possibility to binge on netflix, our garden, children-free kindergarten hours. I won't…More
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You’ve settled on the idea, chosen the destination, and summoned the courage (and funds) to do it. Great! You’re ready for your big trip abroad! Oh, but wait. You’ve got small kids. How are they going to feel about leaving everything they know behind? Traveling as a family has plenty of advantages (read my reasons why if you’re still stuck on that point).…


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