The ultimate travel gadgets packing list for families, world travelers, and digital nomads

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The ultimate travel gadgets packing list for families, world travelers, and digital nomads

  • Never again forget important travel gadgets and electronic travel gear
  • All you need for your mobile office in the sun
  • Photography and videography travel gadgets anyone can handle to make great footage
  • For world travelers, digital nomads and families traveling with kids

Last update: September 2018

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Travel Gadgets at a Glance
Smartphone and Internet
Photography and Camera Equipment
Laptop and mobile office
Apps to make our photos look great and our DSLR jealous
Charging and power supply

Before we started our family adventure around the world (in an almost obsessive way) we put hours and hours of thought and research into which travel gadgets to pack and what to leave at home. After several months of traveling with our kids taking photos, videos and using our mobile office we can finally conclude that we do not miss any travel gadgets and actually use all of them. For once it seems we did a decent job at least as far as packing lists are concerned. After several months of heavy usage and stress testing this is still our ultimate travel gadgets and electronic travel gear packing list. We are convinced this packing list will serve many fellow world travelers, digital nomads and families preparing their world trips.

What are your ultimate travel gadgets? Do you miss any item on our list? Please leave a comment at the end of this post!

Smartphone and Internet Travel Gadgets

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Smartphone: Apple iPhone X 256GB – view on Amazon
We use iPhones. Good camera, good eco system, never let us down. Apple or Samsung, iOS or Android? We tested both. It doesn’t matter. It’s mainly a question of preference. Since iPhone is our main cam for photos and video we value maximum storage.

Screen protector: Omotion Tempered Glass Screen Protector – view on Amazon
Saved our asses multiple times. The screen protector absorbs the chock when your phone drops. The protector may break but not the screen. Must have!

Case: Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone X Case – view on Amazon
Being on the road is the ultimate stress test for our smartphones. Without protective equipment we could have bought a bunch of new phones already. Instead we just replaced the broken protector. Must have!

Pocket WIFI aka. mobile hotspot: Netgear Aircard AC 790 – view on Amazon
No roaming! This tiny thing connects all of our devices to the internet. And since we put in a local SIM in each country it saves us a fortune. Think of it as internet in your pocket or WIFI to go, if you will. One of our favorite travel gadgets! Here is a review of the best pocket WIFI devices for travelers in 2018.

External antenna: Netgear MIMO Antenna – view on Amazon
This antenna enhances the connection quality of our pocket WIFI device in remote areas. As the name of this website suggests we go “Off Road” from time to time. Hence we have it. Optional if you don’t.

Photography and Camera Equipment Travel Gadgets

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DSLR: Canon 70D
Too big, too heavy, too much equipment, too fragile, too slow, too much attention. Our DSLR is collecting dust at home.

Smartphone: Apple iPhone X 256GB – view on Amazon
This is our main cam for photo and video. Smartphone cams have become so good that we feel it is not worth it carrying DSLR equipment. We rather travel light and use apps to squeeze out the max out of our footage

Action cam: GoPro Hero 6 – view on Amazon
Adds underwater, action and wide angle (selfie) footage and so much more to our portfolio. It is incredibly small and lightweight. We do not travel without it.

GoPro accessories pack – view on Amazon
GoPro gives us tons of possibilities. Each application requires different accessories to mount the cam or to prevent it from diving deeper than we do.

Video drone: DJI Mavic Pro Platinum – view on Amazon
Breathtaking footage. This flying cam allows us to experience our destinations from an entire new  perspective. We hesitated for a long time, and it’s for sure one of our most expensive travel gadgets, but we never regretted the investment. We suggest buying the new DJI Mavic 2 – view on Amazon as it is even better and safer. Or the new DJI Mavic Air if you travel light (view on Amazon). We got the accessory kid „fly more combo“, as we need spare props, additional battery and case anyways.

Gimbal: DJI Osmo Mobile 2 – view on Amazon
A gimbal gives smartphone video footage a professional cinematic look. It keeps the smartphone smooth and steady while moving, walking or even running. You can automatically follows an object, motion laps and much more. With an adapter it even holds a GoPro. One of our favorite travel gadgets and hacks to make better videos.

Selfiestick and tripod: Benro tripod, selfie stick and remote – view on Amazon
This smart 3-in-1 piece is a selfie stick and a tripod at the same time including remote control. It holds not only our smartphone but also our GoPro. If selfie distance is not enough, the remote control lets us take pictures from the distance and catch more scenery.

Laptop and Mobile Office Travel Gadgets

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Laptop: MacBook 12“ – view on Amazon
It is small, thin, lightweight and comes with a gorgeous retina display. There are no fans or other moving parts. Probably one of the most powerful laptops in the ultra portable category which does not shy away from editing 4k video. All this makes the MacBook our perfect companion for the everyday life of traveling and working.

Sleeve: MOSISO Water Repellent Lycra Sleeve – view on Amazon
This was meant as a protection against any sudden Monsoon rain shower or accidental bath of our backpacks while on the boat. Never happened – yet. Optional, unless you get in touch with water all the time.

USB hub / adapter: QacQoc USB C Hub adapter – view on Amazon
MacBook 12“ comes with ONE! universal USB C conector. This adapter brings back SD and micro SD memory card slots, 3 USB slots, one USB C slot, HDMI, and ethernet. Must have for MacBook owners.

Entertainment Travel Gadgets

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Tablet PC: iPad – view on Amazon
Let’s face it. An eleven hour flight is anything else but child-friendly. Keeping kids happy and entertained on long drives and flights is a challenge for the whole family. We equip an iPad with selected movies, audio books, radio plays and educational games. We try to be as strict as possible in managing content and screen time. It is the dose that makes the poison. Any model is fine for that purpose. More memory helps. WIFI version is good enough. Use a pocket WIFI to connect to the internet.

E-Reader: Amazon Kindl – view on Amazon
Books and magazines are heavy. Luggage space is precious and airlines are happy to charge you a fortune on any overweight baggage. An e-reader allows us to carry an unlimited amount of books and magazines. We are bookworms, formally addicted to paper and converted to Amazon’s Kindl a couple of years ago. Never regretted! Must have for travelers who like reading.

Apps to make our photos look great and our DSLR jealous

Snapseed – view on App Store
A free professional photo editor developed by Google that gets you very far. Great filters and HDR effects. We use it most of the time.

Airbrush – view on App Store
Remove pimples, smooth wrinkles, even out skin tone, whiten teeth, and more.

Lense Distortions
Add light effects and sunshine to your photos.

Charging and Power Supply Travel Gadgets

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Portable Charger: RAVPower 26800 Battery Pack – view on Amazon
Running out of power makes any tech gear is useless. This battery charges almost all of our equipment on day trips even our MacBook. Extremely powerful but still reasonably sized it is always in our day pack. One of our most important travel gadgets.

Portable Charger: RavPower portable power outlet – view on Amazon
This is like a wall socket to go. For everthing that does not plug into USB like certain laptops and drone power adapters. You could even plug a lamp if you wished. It also charges USB and USB C devices. It is heavier. Optional.

Wall Charger 5 in 1: Anker PowerPort+ 5 – view on Amazon
Kills several birds with one stone: charges 5 devices simultaneously, blocks only one wall socket, saves weight and space. We pack this one and a spare USB charger and leave the rest of the junk at home.

International travel adapter: SKROSS PRO World – view on Amazon
Connects every device anywhere in the world to a wall socket. We pack two of those. Must have.

Car charger: Anker dual USB car charger – view on Amazon
We use our iPhones and Google Maps on any road trip and the passenger seat as mobile office. A keeps everything charged while driving. Consider the USB C version (view on Amazon) if you own a MacBook.

Solar charger: RAVPower 24W Solar Panel – view on Amazon
We use this solar charger not only when going off the beaten path but also to make our mobile office wall socket independent. Use it in combination with mobile charger and you can work until you drop. We also mount it to the car window to charge the kid’s iPad.

Charging cable: Multi charging cable, Micro USB, USB C, Apple lightning – view on Amazon
We mainly use multi charging cables as these kill three birds with one stone. Multi charging cables allow us to charge three devices simultaneously. For example, one iPhone via lightning, our mobile hotspot via Micro USB and our GoPro via USB C. Three of those plugged into Anker PowerPort+ 5 charge nine of our gadgets using one power outlet only! We leave almost all bulky chargers and messy cables behind.

Audio Travel Gadgets

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In-ear headphones: BeatsX by Dr. Dre – view on Amazon
Like ear plugs those headphones silence the hectic and noisy world around us while traveling or working. We use them all the time on the plane, for better sleep, while running, or for meditation. They are wireless, take phone calls and integrate with iPhone.

In-ear headphones: Apple Airpods – view on Amazon
Perfekt for calls and video chat, sleep and meditation. We use them when we need to still hear whats happening around us.

Kids headphones: BuddyPhones InFlight Model – view on Amazon
We can plug up to four headphones together and let the kids share the same screen. Perfect for long flights, drives, waiting time without disturbing other people. Volume is adjustable. The foldable design does not consume a lot of space. At first we had doubts as the material appears a bit low quality. After several month of traveling and rough treatment they never let us down. Do not want to miss.

Bluetooth speaker: Bose SoundLink Mini 2 – view on Amazon
You won’t believe that what you hear comes out of this little thing! Incredible sound and very powerful. Love it! Despite its tiny size bear in mind that it adds 700g of weight to your gear. Definitely worth it for us. We tested many speakers bigger ones and more lightweight ones. Returned all of them. The Bose really rocks.

Storage Travel Gadgets

Storage box for SIM and memory cards: Bandc 14 Slots Aluminum Box – view on Amazon
Keeps our SIM cards and memory cards organized in a save place. Avoids confusion when traveling multiple countries and buying local SIM cards.

Travel case for equipment: AmazonBasics Universal Travel Case – view on Amazon
We used to dump all headphones, cables adapters, sim cards, hard drive, and mobile hotspot into a backpack never finding anything when needed. This case swallows dozens of small items and keeps them save and organized always there when needed. Must have.

What is your ultimate travel gadget? Do you miss any item on our list? Please leave a comment below!

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