Travel Toys For Kids? 7 Items That Will Give Us Parents Time Off On The Road!

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Travel Toys For Kids? 7 Items That Will Give Us Parents Time Off On The Road!

Are you wondering what kinds of travel toys for kids you will need to keep them entertained on your next trip? What the really necessary items are? Or have you maybe decided not to take any toys and now want to find out if that by any chance is a realistic approach?

When we started our journey, we were to become the biggest adventurers and explorers of all time. According to Julian. All he needed to achieve this goal was his Lego and Playmobil armada. To moreover catch bandits, whalers and other dreadful villains he understandably would need his police car. And in case of an emergency, of course Fireman Sam and his team had to be on board. Nothing easier than that, he said. I’ll simply carry them in my backpack.

Okay. Our plan of going minimalist was going to work out just fine.

The key question is: what are the really necessary travel toys for kids? Are there any at all?

I would say: Yes.

You probably expected a “No” here? You’re close to the truth. There was a big fat “No” when I first started this article, but that’s no longer true for me. The idea of minimalism certainly is appealing, but the fact that I don’t want to possess much doesn’t mean I want to own nothing! We had to get rid of many of our belongings before we went on this trip. It made us feel so much lighter, better, cleaner, so much more free! Still I love our little house and my garden, I love my many books on the shelves. My well-stuffed kitchen. I’m not a minimalist. Why should my kids be?

The younger the kids are, the slower your travel pace will be. You’ll have to consider chill or even nap times in between adventures. There will be hours in the hotel, appartment or campervan on rainy days. So don’t resign from taking travel toys for kids, just limit the quantity and take only a couple of their favourites. Let them help choose the toys – but be ready to make the final decision by yourself.

Here are some tips on how to stay (kinda) minimalist while packing reasonable travel toys for kids.

1. Choose Toys That Can Be Used In Multiple Ways

The easiest things are often the best. You can bring them but also get them anywhere: crayons, paper (to draw and to fold paper planes), scissors and glue for crafting, ropes, a ball.

Matchbox cars and ‘Schleich‘ animals are classics, they fit in anywhere and the children will use them for all kinds of role games.

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 2. Keep it light and simple

But not too small. I personally do not like tiny Lego bricks to lie about everywhere so you can stumble upon them and hurt your probably naked feet. Key pieces get lost and are nowhere to be found again.

I like these interlocking snowflakes, they are light and let kids get creative.

3. Books, books, books

These days thankfully almost every book is available as e-book or kindle-edition, as well are most children’s books. It took us some time to get used to it and to be honest, for my children I still do prefer the real books with real pages. But while traveling, it is priceless to have the opportunity to take as many books as you want with you.

I discovered this series of books from National Geographic, and I simply adore the classic line of the ‘little golden books‘, just to name a few. Simply download them to your  e-reader, done.

Nevertheless and despite the technical progress, we took some of our beloved ‘Pixi-Books‘ (in German) as well.

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4. Board Games

This surely depends on the age of your children, ours are just getting used to playing parlour and board games.

Our favourites are the well known travel compatible classics: Uno Junior, Halli Galli, Mikado, Memory, Connect 4..

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5. Puzzles

This is the one and only – small, light and more than just a puzzle! I know, puzzles for preschool children usually are not travel sized – except for this one. You have seemingly endless options to combine forms and colors.

Good for adults, too! It took me days to get them right and be able to reproduce my success!

This travel size Tangram game also engages them for some time.

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6. Explorer tools

Both kids got a torch light, children’s binoculars, a magnifying glass and a compass to go on adventures.

Those items had to be on board whereever we went and were in use almost every day!

Be it to find the way to the bathroom in the dark or to watch people with the binoculars.

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7. The one favourite toy

As long as it’s not a six-foot teddybear, don’t forget to take the one toy your kid cannot live without. Maybe it’s a stuffed animal, maybe it’s a doll, or a plastic dinosaur.

Not only loves your child playing with it, this special toy also gives them a little piece of home and security in a far away country. It comforts them at night and brings a good nights sleep.

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Last but not least. As you might have noticed, other parts of the world are not the end of civilisation. You will find beach toys, street chalk, balls and more almost anywhere, and mostly at much cheaper prices than in Switzerland or Germany.

As for my part, we are happy with this (not really minimalistic) choice of travel toys for kids. A couple of days ago, we managed to sit on a beautiful beach, under a palm tree and do some travel planning – while the children were collecting sticks and shells to build houses for their Schleich animals. It was a picture perfect scenery.

Which toys and books do you take when traveling around? What is the one toy you (or your kids) wouldn’t leave without? Write it down in the comments below, we’re always glad to hear from you!

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